Sharing the language of Anotherhood


Anotherhood has existed in our hearts and minds like it has always been a part of us, dormant, waiting for its time to emerge.

As I press these keys and words start to appear on the screen I feel tears starting to rise in me, a sense of relief and trepidation runs through my body, making me tingle and feel present in this moment.  Since 2017 when Kadi and I were introduced I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by where Anotherhood hasn’t been present in our minds.  Thoughts, ideas and subjects we could explore have raced through my head, excitement filled my body, but life seemed to take over and dampen my souls voice in bringing forth the celebration of women who can not have or choose not to have children.

Letting go of the need for it to perfect, for it to look and feel a certain way, and coming back to the essence of Anotherhood.

Anotherhood is a celebration of women who do not have children, their lives, their brilliance, their struggles and their narratives that enrich the lives of others.  This is what life has given us, and its not perfect, and life doesn’t look a certain way, it’s a ever shifting landscape, so therefore Anotherhood wishes to capture this in its purest, by starting when it feels right, not when it looks right, this speaks to the truth of a life without children.

So as I bring this to a close and start to think about the next steps my shoulders are relaxed and I am feeling blessed to have met Kadi a true friend and an inspiration that has led us to partner up and set up Anotherhood.

To be a woman is to be a powerful force of nature, let’s take that power and create a storm. Dance in the rain, bask in the sun, feel the wind whip around our feet, feel alive connected to nature and the power of femininity. The power of the feminine that stands true and strong in the life of women who do not have children.

So welcome to Anotherhood, we hope you will join us on this journey as we as we speak to more women, share their stories, explore, venture and discover where this project will take us.


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