The story of Anotherhood begins with Kadi on one side of the world in Los Angeles and Laura on the other in a small village nestled in the Scottish countryside. Separated by a vast span of water and thousands of miles between us, we connected through our shared understanding of what it is like to be women unable to have children.

In December 2017 an e-mail connecting us through a mutual contact dropped into our respective inboxes, and a friendship started to grow. Together we found a shared language, we spoke the truth that we hadn’t spoken before, about our lives as women in our mid 30’s without children.  The more we spoke, the more it became apparent that we both felt isolated in our experiences as we watched our friends settle into family life. A life that neither of us are able to choose to be a part of.

We asked the question: Where is the space for women who don’t have children?

In our search we found groups for women who have yet to meet the right partner, women who are infertile yet are exploring all options toward conception, but very little literature that celebrated women who did not, or could not have children. We felt it was a quiet rumble in the background, and we both knew that we are not alone in how we feel. That’s where Anotherhood came into this world.

Anotherhood is a space for women without children to come together, explore, connect, and discover a shared language.