Emily Interview

I was so thrilled to interview Emily! Her blog She Doesn’t Have Kids and her insta @shedoesnthavekids have been great resources for me and my tribe. We had such a fun, and lively conversation, and I’m so glad to call Emily a new friend!  Hi Emily! I was so excited when I found you and… Continue reading Emily Interview

Leanne Interview

Can you tell us a little something about yourself? I am Irish and I spent my first 24 years living in Ireland. I did a lot of travelling.  I got a round the world ticket and I started in south America, went to New Zealand, Australia and Asia, and you know I really enjoyed it… Continue reading Leanne Interview

Rachel’s Story

Hi beautiful souls, I’m Rachel, Aussie born, 42 and a childless mother of angel babies. Just like so many of my fellow Childless Not By Choice Sista’s around the world, this wasn’t how I had imagined or planned my life to be. This is my story of how I rose up regardless and stand proud… Continue reading Rachel’s Story

Izzie Interview

Izzie lives in Edinburgh and has a love for travel, having a shottie and embracing the freedom of living a life without children. 

Izzie shares the life plan she had envisaged for herself when she was young.  How it all changed as she lived her life and embraced the moment,  and how a diagnosis brought her to question if children were to be a part of her life.  … Continue reading Izzie Interview

Sadie Interview

Welcome to Anotherhood Sadie, can you share a little about yourself? I will be 42 next month and two years ago I was living a kind of quiet happy life. Then, in 2018, we went to Bali and whilst we were there,  and this sounds a bit of a cliché,  but I had this spiritual… Continue reading Sadie Interview

Mel Interview

I’ve known Mel for 15 years, and in all that time we have never once discussed circumstances around our childfree lives. It’s never come up! We recently reunited with our rag-tag group of friends from what feels like another life – all women, all childfree – and it struck me that I didn’t know any… Continue reading Mel Interview

Thania Interview

Thania is from Arizona and a newspaper designer and child free by choice.
“I want to share my story because I feel like there’s hardly anyone in my community, at my age, being Mexican sharing the feelings towards not wanting children. It’s just always assumed in my culture that you have to have children.”… Continue reading Thania Interview

Claire Interview

Can you tell the Anotherhood community little about yourself?  I have just turned 40, and I live with my husband and our two cats in South East London. I have a background in law and I started off as a criminal lawyer, I then shifted to become an Ombudsman. I’m a bit of a workaholic… Continue reading Claire Interview

Katy Interview

Katy (aka Chasing Creation) was a bright light through my 2019! She started her Insta and Blog, “Chasing Creation” in March, where she speaks directly to those of us who are childless not by choice. With her adorable word board, she says the most bold things. She says the things I often think about, but… Continue reading Katy Interview

Melinda Interview

About Melinda Melinda is 38 and lives in Edinburgh. Melinda coaches entrepreneurs for a living, and has a clear passion for her work noting, “I absolutely love my job, and it is great to help people achieve what they want from life.” Melinda loves exploring the outdoors, being in the mountains, swimming in the Scottish… Continue reading Melinda Interview

Laura Interview

Anotherhood is about turning up the volume of the voices of women who do not have children, can you tell us why you wish to share your story with Anotherhood? For a long time I felt really isolated, detached and lost, like I was walking a path which was really lonely, and when I looked… Continue reading Laura Interview

Kadi Interview

Anotherhood is about turning up the volume of the voices of women who do not have children, can you tell us why you wish to share your story with Anotherhood? I want to share my story because I want to hear stories like mine. There isn’t enough out there about what it’s really like to… Continue reading Kadi Interview