Our Stories

Hi! I’m Kadi. I live in Los Angeles, and I am the proud parent of 1 career and 2 cats. I was 32 years old when I found out that I had POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency) and by 33, I was considered officially menopausal. As my closest friends were starting families and planning for their big, beautiful lives, I began to lose touch with the long-term vision for my own.  I have searched far and wide for stories like mine, stories of women designing the shape of their lives around the fundamental loss of fertility. I found a world of resources for women who are struggling to conceive, but very few for women who simply cannot. It wasn’t until I met Laura, and heard her story that I began to feel connected to a continuum again. Through Anotherhood, I hope to build a community of friends, sisters, besties, and aunties who contribute to the tapestry of our collective family. I want to hear your story. I want to connect it to mine.


So who am I and why did I come to co-found Anotherhood. In a nutshell I am 38 I live in a small village in the Scottish countryside and I have known since my late teens I could not have children. Knowing I couldn’t have children didn’t stop me thinking about wanting children or even trying to conceive. As I grew older more signs appeared in my health, which spoke clearly that having my own children would not be a part of my life’s journey. Put simply my bodies hormone balance is off kilter setting me on a different path to that of motherhood.

Friends started having children and conversations shifted, the language changed and through no ones fault I was not able to understand or interpret this term of expression. As I started to realise that this language was motherhood/parenthood, one I wouldn’t be able to learn, I felt there must be a language that spoke to my experiences, not the language of parenthood or motherhood, but that of the Anotherhood.  Anotherhood is a language that’s quietly spoken and at times inaudible, Anotherhood is about turning up the volume on those voices. Bringing women together who either biologically or sociologically do not have children, to share their stories and discover new connections with women who share their language.